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What is the importance of the namaste sign in the yoga class?

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For some time, several practices including yoga have been carried out by men in a vision of research of physical and mental wellbeing. In these practices, several gestures are frequent and recurrent. Namaste is one of these gestures. What is its importance in yoga classes and practices? The rest of this article will shed more light on this subject. 

What is meant by namaste?

Under some skies, it is considered a sign of greeting and under others a sign of spirituality. For its clarification, several actors, including webpage owners, make this word a priority theme. Indeed, namaste is a Sanskrit term used for greetings and thanks in India and Nepal. But in view of its great significance and the phenomenon of globalisation, namaste has become a gesture used almost everywhere in the world. As a result, the importance attached to it goes far beyond a simple greeting. Namaste has a deep spiritual meaning and is seen as a link between two people.

Namaste and yoga: what is the connection?

First of all, yoga is a practice of a set of postures and breathing activities that aim to bring physical and mental well-being to the practitioner. There are many ways to practice it, depending on your preferences. But the namaste gesture is always included in the practices of any type of yoga. It is a gesture that is done by yoga teachers at the beginning and end of a yoga session. Indeed, in Yoga, the namaste gesture shows the belief that there is a divine light within each of us. It is a light located in the heart chakra. It also signifies the gratitude of one soul to another. In addition, it is a sign that allows yoga teachers to give thanks and affirm respect to their students. It is a sign to express gratitude to yourself and your yoga teacher. The namaste sign is more than a sign now. It has become a worldwide and very practical way of life.