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What are the strengths of timelapse cameras?

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An Enlaps camera is par excellence the best tool that a professional can have. One of the recent technological advancements in photography is timelapse cameras. They have a very fine slow motion recording that every professional must have. Equipped with very high technologies, they promote the creation of content in accelerated projection. So what are these elements that define timelapse cameras so much?

On the physical level

The charm of timelapse devices is based on the various characteristics with which they are seasoned. At a glance, you can understand the uniqueness of the cameras to make full report. Enlaps cameras have technologies designed precisely for this century. In fact, with its built-in IP66 function, the cameras offer the possibility of filming at any time. It is possible to immortalize photos in the rain or snow without damaging the camera. The best part is the arrangement of two cameras that can capture up to a perimeter of 220°. Thus, it saves time in recordings by facilitating the merging of multiple images. And for any bonus, the devices are equipped with good battery life. In reality, timelapse sensors work with solar panels which provide enough filming and projection time. What professionalism for the photographer!


With timelapse lenses you can create exceptional content in good resolutions such as Ultra HD 6 and 4K. But it continues on the different formats offered by these cameras: DNG or JPEG. Depending on the need, the specialist can designate the format of his recording. However, it also has the choice of doing a format mixdown or taking a JPEG image and archiving it as DNG under an SD card. Enlaps devices therefore facilitate the realization of ingenious digital content. It should be added that there is a GPS incorporated in the cameras, which provides information on the places where the images were taken. Obviously timelapse cameras are the best and appropriate for professional recordings.