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Vinyl: its installation in a bathroom

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After a few years, it is important to think about renewing the decor of your bathroom. But you are looking for the best material for that. Synthetic materials that are called vinyl are well suited for covering your bathroom. Let's find out in the rest of this article, the installation of a vinyl floor in a small bathroom.

The installation of vinyl flooring in a small bathroom

If you want to renew your bathroom, we suggest you adopt vinyl. These materials are durable, waterproof, and give aesthetics. However, doing the installation with vinyl does not require a lot of time, nor does it require one to be a professional. With one person, this work can be done in less than four hours if it is a room of 3m 2 by 3 m2. So what materials do we need to do it? We will need a cutter, a smoothing knife and a scraper. You can use this link to learn more. You also need your safety gloves and safety shoes. Still in the same process, you will need a double-sided adhesive paper with a roll of vinyl well suited to the coating. In addition, because of the shower equipment it is mandatory to know how to handle the cutter to make rounded cuts.

How to prepare the shower floor before lining it

First, take the dimensions of your bathroom floor before buying a large roll of vinyl for your shower. In this sense, it will allow you to join the pieces during your installation. It is important to know that for a good installation, you must have a flat, dry surface, and especially free of impurities. Remember that the vinyl roll is a flexible and thin object. In short, vinyl installation is not applicable on a tiled floor.