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Utility Bonds: Monthly Home Charges

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In recent years, there has been an increase in the charges that a dealership must pay. In reality, there are several criteria that enter into the establishment of this estimate. It is necessary to know them, to study them in order to better integrate them in the calculation of the balance sheet of each month.


Expenses related to the living needs of the house

The first expenses that appear in this analysis are the basic expenses related to life in a home. These expenses are diverse, necessary and fundamental for any inhabitant, tenant or owner.  To have all the information on the subject in depth, you could try here.

First of all, the electricity and water bill which is a crucial tax for living in a house. Secondly, you need to allocate a budget for gas which is a useful element for several purposes that are essential to the home. Finally, the costs related to heating, which also appears as essential and necessary, especially depending on the season of the year. The size of these charges is often proportional to the size of the building. 

Roughly speaking, the costs related to the supply of energy, about 1500 euros per year, are a good basis for knowing the values of the expenses in public taxes of a house. In addition, there are telephone costs related to the use of data, cable distribution and call costs. They amount to about 1200 euros per year.


Property taxes

The big margin of a monthly estimate of the charges that accrue to the utilities is the property taxes. These are basically the property taxes, the fees that go to the municipality and some specific sectoral taxes. These fees are payable according to a well-defined schedule and in a short period of time. On average, a homeowner has to pay 4500 euros for all property taxes to the utilities each year.

Basically, the life of a house entails different taxes to be paid to the utilities each year according to various needs. In addition to those detailed in this article, you must manage home and renovation insurance, condominium fees and RRSP repayment fees.