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Things to avoid in a successful job interview

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The job interview is the stage that brings you closest to getting a new job. It is therefore a decisive moment and you must do everything you can to make it go well. There are some things you need to avoid in order to have a successful interview and you'll find them here.

Lack of manners

At your job interview, you need to make a good impression on your future colleagues and employer. You can learn to discipline your bad manners based on techniques and you can try these out. Now, when it comes to actions that do not meet the rules of good manners, there is tardiness. Under no circumstances should you be late for an interview. Secondly, you should avoid being vulgar (using foul language, swearing). Also avoid being arrogant.

Don't have any information about the company

The least you can do when going to a job interview is to collect some information about the hiring company. If you don't do this research, you risk losing all credibility with the recruiter. Researching information about the company will prevent you from asking unnecessary questions that may affect the outcome of your interview. By not researching, you show a lack of interest in the company.

Poor hygiene and sloppy style

First impressions count for a lot. It would therefore be frowned upon to go to an interview without having taken certain steps. Before you go to your interview, make sure you have a good bath. Brush your teeth and put on some perfume. When it comes to clothing, opt for sober colours and avoid flashy accessories.

Be taciturn or procrastinate

At a job interview, you need to control the way you speak. So first avoid talking for no reason, don't tell your life story. As soon as you are asked a question, answer without beating about the bush. Secondly, you must also have questions. Prepare a list of questions that you will have to ask your interviewer as soon as you get the chance.