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The best affiliate platforms

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If you intend to monetize your website, an affiliate program is the best way to make money from your visitors. Nowadays, there are thousands of affiliate programs. To create an excellent affiliate campaign, you need to choose the best affiliate programs. In this article, you will discover some of the affiliate programs on the market.

Casaneo, the first French platform

The first French platform, Casaneo is an affiliate program that is more focused on the Fashion universe. In addition to offering affiliate programs in themes including Home and Fashion, Casaneo offers a network of over 3000 partners consisting of content sites, influencers and advertising agencies. To deepen your knowledge of monetization and affiliate programs, here is a great post to read. Casaneo has a 100% efficient remuneration model allowing you to reach your objectives in terms of visibility, traffic and sales. You just have to confide in them to get satisfaction

Effiliation, the European platform

Effiliation is one of the best platforms in European. With more than 650 advertisers to its credit, Effiliation offers several options namely discount codes, assisted sales and one-time payments.

Clickbank, the international platform

Specializing in the sale of digital and physical products, Clickbank is an international platform used by over 200 million people worldwide. It is a perfect affiliate platform for bloggers with niche products. Clickbank contains a tool that automatically detects marketers based on the following criteria: geographic area, age group, industry. On top of that, Clickbank allows you to keep track of sales performance in the marketplace.

the platform for big brands

The biggest affiliate platform at the moment is called CJ Affiliate and it is meant for big brands. CJ Affiliate goes beyond the understanding of a simple affiliate program. The platform has several tools that help sellers to optimize their business performance.