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Some cider collections

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When you are a bartender or someone who loves to have drink collections, you need to have cider in your cellar. Cider can be collected to have a variety in terms of taste, alcohol content or even colors. It can also be used to make cocktails. The following article presents a collection of cider cocktails.

Cider collection

To make you feel a real pleasure, a collection of 100% pure juice and 100% natural cider has been presented to you. 

The inimitable one: its recipe which is not known by all gives it a unique and original flavor. It can be served (at 8°C) as a starter, for the main course or with dessert. Its alcohol content is 5.2%, it is dry, fruity and is composed of 22 varieties of apple. It has a fine effervescence and an aroma of apple and leather. 

La sulfureuse: it is more appreciated as an aperitif or as a dessert. Also served at 8°C, it has 3% alcohol, contains 18 varieties of apples and an apple and red fruit aroma. Angelica is a 100% organic cider perfect for aperitif, it is served at 8°C, contains an alcohol content of 4%. It is composed of five varieties of apples, is not very tannic, delicate and refined. There are also other ciders in the same collection, such as: the small batch, the sparkling, the inevitable... Maisson Sassy shows you more cider cocktails. You can click on the link to learn more.

Classic Cider Cocktails

When it comes to cider cocktails, we have the category of classic cocktails and those inspired by the experts. Among the classic cocktails, we have the Gin & Pear (Le Vertueux) containing 30 ml of gin and 10 ml and a slice of lime. The Rosé Negroni (La sulfureuse) which contains 30 ml of red vermouth, 30 ml of Campari and orange zest. La Vie en Rose (La sulfureuse) is made with 40 ml of St-Germain, 60 ml of soda and drops of Angostura. The French Negroni, Pearfection and French 61 are other classic cocktails.