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Paraphilias: their classification and characteristics

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Sexuality is an extremely broad concept, but even so there are a number of generalities that apply to most. However, certain behaviors escape this mass. This is where paraphilias come in, a phenomenon that we will discuss here. In the following lines you will find a summary of the main types of paraphilias.

How to classify paraphilias?

Although the main objective of this text is to be able to make a compilation of the different types of paraphilia, it is necessary that we stop for a moment in order to be able to analyze in more depth what exactly this concept refers to. Therefore, it is necessary that we first define what a paraphilia is. Paraphilia is a form of sexual behavior in some individuals in which the arousal does not come from the act itself, but from activities or elements that in themselves would not have to be stimulating on the level. Sexual. In this sense, it must be taken into account that certain behaviors which in the past were considered to be types of paraphilia are now common sexual practices in a large percentage of the population, such as masturbation or oral sex. . However, others remained atypical forms of sexual arousal.

3 types of paraphilias

Below we will describe some of the types of paraphilia:
• Voyeurism disorder: the first on the list of types of paraphilia refers to voyeurism disorder, sexual arousal from observing other people while they are undressing or even having intimate relationships, without them, we don't know.
• Frotteurism disorder: this word refers to the action of friction. And it is precisely rubbing against others (with their own genital area) in an unforeseen way for them and without their consent. These types of actions usually take place in crowded spaces, such as public transport.
• Disorder of sexual masochism: in this case, people with this disease find sexual arousal mainly in the intimate acts in which they are humiliated or abused. These people may like to be tied up, beaten, or tortured for sex.