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How to find reliable information on internet?

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Internet is today the most used way to seek for information. It is full of all kind of information both fake ones and reliable ones. Information is most of the time made available on websites. So there are websites with fake information and websites with reliable ones. The first stage of finding reliable information is to know reliable websites. The reliable websites are those with reliable information and there are the most visited or the most popular. Let us, first, try to know what is a website before going to the most visited one. 

What is a website? 

To make it simple, a website is a set or a collection of webpage and related content that share a single domain name. It is a set of related material that contains text, images and sometime media like audio and video. There are different types of website. We have Blogs, Business/Corporate Websites; NGO/Non-Profit Websites; E-Commerce Websites; Portfolio Websites; Social Media Websites; Educational Websites. 

What are the most popular websites and their use? 

At the top of the list comes with 86.9 billion total monthly visits. After it comes YouTube with 34.6 billion monthly visits. Coming next is Facebook with 25.5 billion monthly visits. These are three first websites most visited. This is where a lot of people use to come to seek of information. It is good to note that they are not specific websites which means that you can find all kind of information that you want. 

If you are looking for more specific information in a particular area then you will have to type directly the address of the site if you know it of course. To do this, just locate the long white address bar at the top of the page, then type your address.