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How do I create and share an Amazon Wish List?

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Amazon's wish list can be a very handy thing. Use them to create a Christmas gift list, a wedding or baby gift list for your child, as a reminder of items you want to buy in the future, or as a list of gifts you want to give yourself. Here's how to create and share an Amazon Wish List.

Create an Amazon Wish List

On any Amazon page, hover your mouse over accounts and lists. If you've already started creating a wish list, this screen will display the wish list instead of creating a new wish list. By visiting, you will discover more concrete information about wish lists.

If this is the case, please go directly to step 2. Setup: Float-click to create a list. Select the object of the list, VALUES or other. Select a wish list to create a wish list. If you want to create another type of list, you can choose one of the other options.

Type a name in the list of names. Decide if you want to display a public or private list. If you make it public, click Public and type in a name that people can use to search your list. If you make it private, click on Personal.

Setup: float-click to create a list. Here. You have just created your first Amazon Wish List. After creation, you can share the Amazon Wish List.

Share Amazon Wish List

After creating your wish list, you can share it. You can share with everyone, only with a small group of people, or you can share with anyone (you just have to keep it yourself). To share your wish list with your friends, you must first change the privacy setting, then share the link.