Everything about the iPhone 12: specifications

Everything about the iPhone 12: specifications
Table of contents
  1. Screen and design
  2. Front camera
  3. Performance

The iPhone 12 is one of four models in Apple's recent premium phone line. The launch debuted with the 5G connection on Apple smartphones and ushered in the A14 Bionic processor, a five-nanometer chip that promises to be the most powerful in the world. The device improved the design and the photographic package, but lost the headphones and plug adapter that came with the box.

Screen and design

The design of the iPhone 12 has undergone a makeover from its predecessor. The device acquired a square structure and flattened sides, in a design very similar to the iPad Pro and older iPhone models, such as the iPhone 5. In addition, it became thinner, lighter and smaller in volume compared to the iPhone 11, thanks to the reduced edges. On the front, a large notch houses the camera for selfies. The 6.1-inch OLED panel, commercially dubbed Super Retina XDR Display, has a resolution of 2532 x 1170 pixels and offers more brightness and deeper contrast than the screen of other phones.

Front camera

The device also brings resources to improve the quality of the captured image which the manufacturer promises to provide a better experience when shooting. In addition to the night mode, which allows you to take quality photos in low-light environments, the smartphone has the Smart HDR 3 tool, which allows more details in the photos.


The iPhone 12 is equipped with a Bionic A14 processor, which promises to be the best of all time, delivering 50% better performance than its rivals. Developed by Apple itself, the chip is, according to the manufacturer, the first five nanometer in the mobile phone industry. This means that the device should offer more performance and greater power savings, thus maximizing battery life.


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