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Children's birthdays: how to organise them well?

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Organising your child's birthday is not an easy task. It requires a very rigorous organisation: choice of date, place of the party, number of guests, cakes and delicacies. Don't worry any longer. Here are our tips on how to organise your child's birthday party without forgetting anything.

The invitation

The invitation should include your name, address, telephone number and a special mention if you want each child to confirm their attendance. Don't forget to also note the time your child's party will start. Don't forget to ask the parents of the invited children if their child suffers from food allergies or any other allergies. This is an informative post.

The number of children invited

For children's birthdays, it is important to invite children of the same age. You should also limit the list in any case, avoid exceeding ten. Before the age of four, children find it really difficult to play together and they will ask a lot of you.

The decoration

You can decorate the party room as much as you like but nothing on the floor. You should take care to put away all fragile items, even those in your child's room. To avoid chocolate stains and finger marks, you should cover your chairs, and sofas with a bedroll or tablecloth that you can easily wash.

Birthday games

For your child's birthday, you should prepare the birthday activities well in advance and write down the programme on a large sheet of paper. This will save you from questions from the children. You can prepare a game every 20 minutes and an extra half hour for the snack. Having a theme at a birthday party is not compulsory but it makes the party much easier to organise. So the theme can inspire a nice invitation, find original birthday games and personalise the cake. You can find the theme based on your child's tastes and hobbies.