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My belief is we should never stop learning, growing and changing. As such, there isn’t "one" source able to provide all the knowledge we could be searching to find.

Sometimes, it is also wise to look at information from a different perspective or to reinforce knowledge already absorbed.

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My Top Picks

1. The Secret of Deliberate Creation…

Renowned personal performance trainer and author Dr. Robert Anthony elaborates in his learning series how to unlock the Law of Attraction and quantum physics to manifest your deepest desires.

2. Create Personal Power

I've personally listened to Michelle Rigg in a few teleseminars. I love how she presents info. without all the hype. She is definitely a down to earth, tell it like it is person - which I respect.

3. Quantum Mind Power

The ultimate brainwave entrainment audios. The Isochronic tones are reported to be up to 900 times stronger than binaural beats. I use these audios and highly recommend them.

4. Recreate Your Life

Morty Lefkoe is the ultimate belief buster. This is one guy I would definitely recommend you check out.

Other Valuable Self Help Resources

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Subliminal messaging is a powerful technique to imprint positive affirmations into your subconscious. We both know that. The U.S. Government even banned it on TV and radio in the 70's. Now, there's a program that sends subliminal messages direct to your subconscious, while you use your computer!

Inspirational Words of Wisdom
An inspirational collection of words of wisdom in the form of poems, quotes, stories, proverbs, thoughts, and motivation. Also, enjoy our free inspirational quote calendar for your daily affirmations.

Coaches and Mentors:

Susan Blackburn Counselling & Psychotherapy
Susan Blackburn, M.A. provides goal-oriented counselling and psychotherapy for individuals and couples. Expertise includes stress management, anxiety, depression, pain, anger, conflict, communication, parenting, relationships, intimacy and self-esteem.

Alternative Online Counseling
Your relationship with others is based on your relationship with yourself. Our services remove what holds you back in your personal and spiritual growth. Get the help you need, right here, right now.

Communication & Branding:
Body language is an important part of communication. We discuss unspoken communication and what it might mean.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab: drug and alcohol rehab


est seminars
Get the real story behind est with never before seen footage of actual est seminars & uncut interviews with Werner Erhard talking about his ideas.

High School Diploma
Alpha high school offers to earn a high school diploma. High School graduates get an official High School diploma recognizable by every institution across the country.

Graduate School
This is a comprehensive and informative resource that systematically sets out the available undergraduate and graduate programs available today in the U.S. This information is very valuable to students today who are dealing with the competitive nature of higher education and the rising costs.

Emotions & Emotional Cleansing:

Stress Disorder
Are you stressed out about stress? Wondering where you can find out more? Then this site is going to be a good read. From the definition of stress, to how to control it, our articles will give you a systematic break down of information. The easy-to-read articles also delve into stress treatments and Hypnosis.

Emotions | Types of emotions and Managing emotions
Emotions are the most important aspect of our mental health. Information about types of emotions, managing emotions, books, articles, quotes and more...

Emotions - Happiness:

Be Happy - Self Help & Personal Growth
Find hundreds of free resources to develop a happiness lifestyle by practicing happiness & love every day through personal growth, self improvement & self help tools, activities, resources, insights, & inspiration to change your life.

Forums Related to Self Improvement:
A completely open forum where people can come, see and post different views on what is happening out there in the "real world". Ultimately we want people to stop living in "the matrix" so to speak. Our goal is to help others break free of the illusion they call "real" and step into reality.

Goal Setting:

Goal Setting 4 Success
A motivational site dedicated to your success by setting goals. Stories, quotes, tips and more!

Health & Healing:

Easy Steps to Escape Diabetes
Get your free copy of this ebook, written by Russ Donohue, a former diabetes sufferer. Learn how you too can join the growing number of those who have chosen to improve their health & longevity, experience increased energy and reduce or even eliminate dependence on prescription drugs.

Anxiety and Panic Attacks Self Help Program
Dr Jeannette Kavanagh's downloadable kit offers all the proven ways to counter stress and overcome anxiety and panic attacks. E-book and two audios.

Health Care Information
The most comprehensive guide to health care, including articles on health problems and nutrition, diet, diseases treatment and other health topics...

Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Blog
Mesothelioma Survivor Heather Von St. James shares her story of survival

Holistic Health:

Online Courses, information and community events dealing with Meditation, Mind/Body, Zen, Metaphysics, Reiki, Japanese Culture, Homeopathy, Feng Shui, Aroma Therapy, Ayurveda, I Ching and more.


Learn Hypnosis Online - Free Audio Training Course!
Learn Hypnosis in 5 Days with our free audio hypnosis training course and our free monthly newsletter 'Inspired Minds'. In Inspired Minds, you will get information on hypnosis, and our free 'Audio Insights' - mp3 downloads on hypnosis and psychology that will open your eyes about human behavior and the way our minds work.

Natural Healing:

Enhanced Healing Through Relaxation Music
Relaxation music, positive affirmations and online counseling for reducing stress and anxiety, promoting health, wellness and healing and improving self esteem.

Personal Development:

Live Your Dream Workshops
Powerful, practical and playful workshops that empower you to re-awaken your natural spiritual abilities, discover your life purpose and passion, and make a good living doing what you love. Free Abundance CD, Free Prosperity Ezine, Free Life Coaching, and Free Empowerment Seminar offered to bring you the body, money and relationship you deserve! From indigenous cultures and ancient spirituality, Keith Varnum shares the underlying principles of all transformation and success.

Psychic Patterns
Psychic Patterns are vibrational messages translated into a visual form for Self-alignment, Meditation & Healing.

Voice of Jeanie Marshall
allows you to experience Jeanie Marshall's voice in empowering guided meditations. Her soothing voice prompts you to listen to your own wisdom from within. She guides with words, yet it is her voice that makes these guided meditations such a powerful relaxation technique. You will feel a sense of empowerment, a greater awareness of well-being, and a deep relaxation. We have free samples as well as CD Albums and MP3 files for sale.

Personal Development
The #1 Personal Development Site as ranked by Google and Yahoo

The Cream of Personal Development Resources
A site about Personal Development and Self Improvement that will help you discover your own amazing power and beauty. Books, audio and video programs, courses, seminars, workshops, articles, personal development plans and much more...

About Personal Growth
Provides information, tips, articles and quotes to help people become aware that any future success starts with their personal growth.

Personal & Therapeutic Development Training Brisbane
The Moreno Collegium for Human Centered Learning Research and Development has a range of experiential development programs that run throughout the year. The personal development programs add flexibility and spontaneity to your life.

Keynote Speaker
Motivational Humorous Speaker,Motivational Speaker,Humorous Speaker


Building Self Confidence
is an informative site helping you to deal with self-confidence, fear and self-esteem issues. Check it out.

Self Esteem:

How To Boost Your Self Esteem
Boost your self-esteem through awareness with articles, recommended books and more.

Self Help:


Self-Help Motivational and Inspirational resources on Self-Improvement for personal development. Motivational books, motivational quotes, motivational speakers to inspire you.

Self Improvement:

Est Training
Get the real story behind est with never before seen footage of actual est seminars & uncut interviews with Werner Erhard talking about his ideas.

Personal Growth Planet
Offers personal growth tips, self improvement strategies, self help tools and self development plans for creating the life you really want from relationship and life success coaches Susie and Otto Collins.

Speeches That Motivate:
Easy ways to move a crowd with motivational speeches.
Life stories, poems, maxims, insights and gifts to encourage, uplift, motivate and inspire. Benefit from others' perspectives and life experiences - then, perhaps, share some of your own. After all, everyone has SomethingToShare...
Find inspiration, motivation, and empowering quotations. In addition, we offer sensible advice to help you and empower you. We encourage you to be the best you can be & Dare To Dream Big. Our goal is to help you take that first step.

Happiness and Success Tips
Self improvement and productivity tips for a happy and successful life.


Spiritual Development with Intuisdom

Spiritual development is inordinately difficult to achieve with intellectual approaches to an experiential truth.Intuisdom aims directly at the gap left behind. ~Anton Elohan Byers

Spiritual New Age Enlightenment, Empowered by Spirit
Spirit is who you are naturally and everything that you do is spiritual. Religion is a poor attempt to explain spirituality. Free yourself from fear by finding out where your power comes from and why they have kept it from you. You are not a victim of circumstance, you are creating it. Life is not a learning process, nor was it meant to be a struggle.

Yoga Mind Control
Dedicated to the development of consciousness through the ancient science and practice of Yoga, Meditation and Spirituality. Learn how to train, master and transcend the mind and attain Self Realization; Enlightenment.


Updated Stress management news and info
Daily Articles About Healthy Lifestyle, Guided Meditation and Stress Busters

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