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My newsletter EZ Self-Help is not written with any specific time schedule. When I am in the mood to write - or if something important comes up - I send out an email.

If you are interested in self-discovery, the content of this newsletter is written for you.

I explain tips, techniques and brain research to help you make permanent, positive changes and achieve the life of your dreams.

Although change is simple, it is not easy. Having someone open your mind to the possibilities, backed by scientific research, gives you the needed edge.

The information in my Ezine is written to compliment the tips and techniques presented in the Self Help Tutorial on this website.

I hope you find the content valuable and timely.

Should you have any comments or suggestions regarding my EZ Self-Help Ezine, feel free to send them using the "Contact Me" button in the left navigation bar.

You may notice the last issue on this page was December, 2008. Now, instead of posting my newsletters here online, you can remain up to date by viewing more current (and past) newsletters as posts to my blog at www.LifeWithGene.com

Self-Help Newsletter Past Issues:

Issue #008 December, 2008 - My Christmas Wish For You

Here is my Christmas wish for you! If I could give you one gift, and only one, this is the one I choose.

Issue #007 November, 2008 - Free Alpha Mind Control Mp3

Our problems are created in the "Beta" or thinking brain wave state. Easily calm the noise in your mind with this free Alpha Mp3 download.

Issue #006 September, 2008 - Blind Faith

Faith is a force; it has energy – it is our personal power.

When you place faith in anything, you are investing your personal power – your energy.

Do you really think it’s wise to blindly follow anyone or anything without question? Well guess what – you do without even being aware.

Issue #005 August, 2008 - Life Changing Brain Waves

Change seems impossible... for most of us!

After years of research I finally got it! Now I clearly understand why self help techniques work for some people and not for others.

Learn how your self-limiting thoughts and beliefs were created and more importantly, how to apply the knowledge of brain waves to facilitate change.

Issue #004 July, 2008 - Personal Freedom

Personal freedom from the emotional pain and suffering caused from past experiences is definitely a worthy goal.

There is a form of releasing you can practice which produces amazing results – it won’t cost you a dime to learn – and you will be free from the pain and suffering of reliving the past over and over again!

Issue #003 June, 2008 - Cellular Memory

When you form a new belief, it is communicated to and imprinted on your cells – not just in your brain but in your whole body! You can learn how to release the negative memories in both your mind and body.

Issue #002 May, 2008 - Negative Thoughts Are Your Friend

Many become frustrated trying to be a "positive thinker" which creates anxiety and resistance within our minds. There are actually 3 benefits to negative thinking.

Issue #001 April, 2008 - What Are You Thinking?

The only place to start with any self help or personal development is to discover your own mind. To do this, you begin by becoming aware of your subconscious thoughts.

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